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Whether you know a lot or a little about social media marketing, you can get the tools you need to meet your personal, professional, or organizational goals. The team at Les Go Social is committed to providing you with a road map to success, while creating a vibrant online presence and building community in the process.


Ann Arbor Poet Leslie McGraw is the creative inspiration behind the Bookbound Open Mic & Share Poetry Series and the Life By Poetry online community. Leslie’s honors include The Leaven Center’s Eleanor S. Morrison Scholarship for Creative Writing for Social Justice and 4th place Women of World Poetry Competition. She is currently working on a 2nd edition of her debut poetry collection, Emergencies of the Heart, as well as a new chapbook.

Emerging Literary Activist

Leslie began sorting out her surroundings through writing at the age of 9. She discovered her voice through the pen, maturing into a performance poet, blogger, writer, and journalist. Today she lends this voice to advocacy, where she is passionate about helping others share their stories of struggle and victory as an empowering tool to restore and strengthen communities.


Nurturing, Soaring Spirits

Thanks, Leslie for nurturing poetry in our community and region--poetry seems just a small thing, like a mother dove roosting in her nest. But it has the power to make our spirits soar--and soaring spirits have the power to change this world.

Madeline Diehl Poet, Magazine Writer, and Editor

Ability to Think Outside the Box

In addition to her strong work ethic, Leslie possesses many valuable skills and personal strengths that contribute to her success, including: creativity and the ability to think outside the box; and, most importantly for us, a willingness to be an effective team player.

Amy Nesbitt General Manager, Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Leslie is a wonderful resource.

My blog "wouldn't exist" if it weren't for her. As a technically challenged person, I wouldn't know where to start. She completed the initial set-up, fully demonstrated the technology along the way - and demonstrated it again when I forgot. An ongoing process. She has given me brief, concise instructions on how to fix glitches with the Microsoft Word Suite of products. I call them glitches, she calls them learning opportunities. Several times I said "I didn't know it could do that" when she helped me reach beyond the scope of my technical imagination. She does all this with professionalism, patience and good humor. She is a treasure, both personally and professionally.

Cheryl Israel Writer



Zaria Joi

Historian and Artist

Karen Lafreya Simpson

Journalist and Activist

Ida B. Wells-Barnett*


Bertha Louise (Taylor Brown King) Rowry

Great-Grand Uncle and Early Voting Rights Activist

Elbert Williams*

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The Leslie McGraw brand is not limited to these skills. Whether it be LesGoSocial or Tru Story Success, it can all be packaged in a one stop personalized shop for your needs!

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Tru Story Success

“The Tru Story of Success is not about the big stuff,” says Leslie. “It’s the daily choice to increase your current position by leveraging the experience and strengths you already have AND allowing yourself to see your life and the things around you with fresh eyes.”

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