SuccessFailureNew Year Resolutions: Become a Miracle in Motion

New Year Resolutions: Become a Miracle in Motion

It’s about that time. With 2011 heaving its last heavy sigh, people are ready to commit, recommit, and become resolute in their goals. How do we find a way to make sure that our resolutions don’t end up in the resolution graveyard from years past? I don’t know if I have I have found the key to success, but I have found the key to failure and have thrown away the key.

Resolutions don’t work because we make them from a place of inactivity
These resolutions may come from a success we have seen, have been, or want to be. I understand my “why”; I know how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals, and I have mastered the art of self-reflection. Yet, I still have been successful with my New Year’s Resolutions fewer times than I have not.  I find planning seductive and regularly overplan and overcommit. I am in active recovery from Analysis Paralysis. But, even people without my particular condition fail at New Year’s Resolutions. I have come to realize that a little action is necessary before motivation sets in.  When you are active, you create motion. That kinetic energy creates an organic movement which is so much more than one could envision or do alone.
Allow Yourself to Become A Miracle in Motion.
A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs or an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.
Do you believe in miracles? If not, look in the mirror. There is so much to learn from the body, from nature, and others. When we allow ourselves to be, our everyday lives can become miracles. Below are a few ways to allow yourself to become a Miracle in Motion, using one of my favorite “miracles”, Navy Pier, as an example:

1. Your Purpose May Change.

The Navy Pier, opened to the public in 1916, was supposed to be a huge freight terminal to encourage shipping on Lake Michigan. It never really served that particular purpose; but it has served as a training base, laboratory, school, and much more. Many of our gifts, talents, and education may have to be repurposed. That doesn’t mean they are not valuable, just better for a different purpose.

2. Prepare Yourself From the Inside Out.

Construction of the Navy Pier took 2 years, much of that time spent working on the inside. It is rewarding to have people reward you on outward success; but successful people know it’s the inside and behind-the-scenes work that make you sustainable. Whether that’s a lifestyle change or a business plan, work from the inside out.

3. Your Vision Never Really Changes, Your View Just Expands.

When construction of the Navy Pier began, the course of the city, the country, and even the world was beyond their vision. As history has changed, so has the vision for the Navy Pier. Remaining flexible will allow you to learn and be grateful for The Journey Itself. This will Allow the Miracle to Happen…

Inside of Navy Pier, 1915
 Daniel Schwen [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Navy Pier 2011, Chicago, IL
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