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Somebody Prayed For Me

I Let “It” Go

Christmas morning and table grace have been my only prayer since Friday. I don’t know…no reason really…just been so busy worrying and trying to take care of everything that prayer seemed less active, less kinetic. Last night, I was a little stressed and frustrated that I wasn’t able to complete what I had set out to do for the day. I honoured my body and went out to dinner to take a break and came home and went to sleep once I finished up a piece I was working on. I didn’t pray but let it go.
Someone Kept the Energy in Motion
I just received word, via email, that somebody prayed for me. The following message is from a friend from childhood that I rarely speak with. In fact, the last time we corresponded was almost a year ago:
Recycle Positive Energy
In addition to the gift of encouragement, it was a reminder that I need to pray for myself. Also, I took a vow to pray for a friend each day until the end of the year; this was a reminder to get back to business. I believe in prayer; but if you don’t, just take the time and focus off of yourself for a few minutes and “donate” it to someone else.

“Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees” – Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven
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