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New Year, Another Calendar, Different Goals

I have never been able to fit within the box. Never. But, in the last few years, I have started to embrace that. A few years ago, I spent much of 2009 grieving people and commitments that I had planned to be a part of my life forever. During this time, I found healing for current and past wounds; the highlight of the year was running my first (and 2nd) 5K. Towards the end of 2009, I decided to change my approach toward New Year goals, resolutions, and expectations. I did this by using my February birthday as a starting timer for my yearly goals each year.

How It Works:
2010 – Celebration: ‘Think Pink’, followed by themed set of goals to Create and Maintain.
We celebrated our Pink Thoughts with a two-part event with the first part being family night at the bowling alley and Saturday evening spent at a plush night spot in beautiful downtown Detroit.
I focused, and encouraged others to focus, on the ‘pink’ parts of life. Flirty, bright, passionate, feminine, lively, sexy, fun…
2011 – Yearlong Celebration: ‘Leslie’s New Year’.
I celebrated My New Year’s Eve at a steakhouse with a small group of family and friends. On my New Year’s Day, in February, I went to my cousin, aka The Hair Diva, and got the works. Later that night, I went on a date at a medium-high glitz velocity including Cuban cuisine and dancing at a Martini Bar just caliente enough to heat up the snowstorm. The start of my New Year marked the beginning of my year-long trek to rebuilding my foundation in my life as it is…not grounded in past or future circumstances…but where I am right now. And this place I am in right now is fresh, happening, current.
2012 – Les Go…
Why It Works:
1. It’s a New Year.
December is generally way too busy and noisy to go inward and do the sort of evaluation necessary to create and maintain a goal. Having the support of a new year and fresh perspective can help you stay focused.
2. Another Calendar.
I have an unhealthy relationship with calendars and planners. I love plotting out new adventures and projects on a timeline when I can still smell the new leather cover. With new goals, however, giving myself this extra month allows me to play around a bit with my schedule and reevaluate how well my schedule can accomodate my new resolutions.
3. We Have Different Goals.
I have had more birthday disappointments than celebrations, so I figured why not take matters into my own hands and make a deliberate attempt to enjoy my birthday each year? The message here is not a formulaic suggestion for everyone to go and change their resolutions to coincide with their birthday; but, rather, to not get so caught up in tradition or ‘the norm’ that you don’t allow flexibility to find something that works for you. Trying to come up with a couple goals on the fly or recycling last year’s goals can sabotage your efforts.
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