LifeHealthy Les – Grocery List

Healthy Les – Grocery List

The grocery store can be a scary place when you are on a budget or watching your diet. So, I went armed: I had my list of things to pick up at the store and how much I could spend. 

I find that I eat less if I have less. So, I just purchased one week’s groceries. I had to forego a couple things, but they had fresh fish and juice on sale so it all worked out.;sz=200×200;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?;lid=41000000005217789;pid=21874170;usg=AFHzDLvBXnGUT8V4e31zWivH0Thgoc-GRQ;;pubid=536970;;width=200;height=177
In the first time in years, it is Saturday evening and I know what I am planning to eat for the next 7 days. Not a detailed diet, but a general eating plan. That feels good. Ready for week two of this thang…Les Go!

What:April Fresh – A Healthy Les
Personal 90-Day Challenge [excluding weekends]


April 16 through August 20, 2012


Daily Affirmation:
My Love For Myself Drives My Desire to Be Healthier.

Daily Goals:
1. at least 15 10 cups of water each day
2. take my Vitamin each day
3. at least 15 Minutes Prayer/Meditation Each Day
4. at least 30 minutes of cardio each day
5. No fast food

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