LifeSame old, Same old

Same old, Same old

 Have you ever found yourself in the same position that you started from? Whether it’s trying to lose the same the 30 pounds you lost two years ago or (another) first date or moving…it can feel like you haven’t really made any progress.
The last few years have been full of change and transition for me. In fact, if I was to see someone I had not talked with in 3 years my house would be the only thing that has been a constant. The last 6 months have been a fast-paced and high-risk move toward my goals. But, it isn’t a steady move up; I have slid down the same hill many times.
It’s Day 6 and I feel good but resisting the temptation to slash my caloric intake or do something drastic to see some results. I am frustrated that I have so much to lose, that my Zumba shirt from 3 years ago is tight as hell, and I am struggling on the stairclimber when I was running 5-8 miles less than two years ago. Mainly, because I feel like I am starting over. But, I know that’d be silly, so I will just do what I know I ought to do for today.
Over the past 24 hours, I have been trying to take a more objective look at where I am now and the last few years. As I look back to how I got this place, there are many more good habits that I need to reinstate than there are good habits that I need to create. For me, it is about recommitment and renewal. I know, from experience, that is the only option for me.

April Fresh – A Healthy Les
Personal 90-Day Challenge [excluding weekends]
April 16 through August 20, 2012
Daily Affirmation:
My Love For Myself Drives My Desire to Be Healthier.Daily Goals:
1. at least 1510 cups of water each day
2. take my Vitamin each day
3. at least 15 Minutes Prayer/Meditation Each Day
4. at least 30 minutes of cardio each day
5. No fast food
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Leslie discovered the power of the pen in the third grade after her family moved to a new school district. Writing became a way to sort out her new surroundings and escape to fantasy landscapes. That child, and voice, has matured into a poet, writer, blogger, journalist, online content creator and editor. Leslie is a social entrepreneur with a demonstrated commitment to community. She is an active community member in Washtenaw County (Michigan) with expertise in social media marketing and content management systems, volunteer coordination and writing and 19 years of experience in the areas of online community management, training, leadership development, and social networking. She is interested in facilitating connection with both community residents and businesses. Through this work, the economy of the community is improved and the organizations are financially successful. Her main mode of advocacy and online community, however, is through writing.

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