SuccessBe Honest With Yourself

Be Honest With Yourself

Where Did the Week Go?

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday! There was Friday. Friday morphed into Memorial Day. Then Memorial Day became Wednesday. At least that’s how I remember it. Luckily, I have been using to track my workouts. Last week, after I realized I was stuck at the same 6 pound weight loss for three weeks straight, I decided to look and see what was going on. I was working out most days, eating right most days. At least that’s how I remembered it.

Being Honest With Yourself

Over the past week, I have been thinking about this plateau I have been on. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe I’m bloated. Maybe I need to intensify my workouts. Maybe I need to go on a traditional diet. Then I decided to do some research.When I looked up my workout history, I found some disturbing news about myself. I had convinced myself that I was working out most days. In reality, I had only worked out 9 out of 23 days. That’s not “most days”. In fact, that’s not even half! On Sunday, I prepared a birthday meal for my mom. I had to throw out some fruit and vegetables…okay so a LOT of fruit and vegetables. If I had been eating at home “most days”, there would not be so much fruit and vegetables to throw away. For further confirmation, I looked in my purse and looked at my receipts. My agreement with myself is that I would avoid fast food during the week and be open to eating out sparingly during the weekend. My receipts did not reflect this – over the past three weeks (the same time frame as my plateau). Being honest with myself kind of hurt, like I had let myself down. However, it was also a way to put myself back into the driver’s seat with this challenge. I may have factors that are beyond my control – but that is NOT the reason I have been stuck. I have been stuck because I haven’t been honest with myself nor have I been consistent. What I need is consistency and commitment that renews daily.

This week, I am down 2 pounds – for a weight loss total of 8 pounds. I have already put in work with my training and have increased my fruits and vegetables. Chocolate, ice cream and potatoes are still hard for me to stay away from. But, today I will stay away. Today I will be connected to my goals.

April Fresh – A Healthy Les 
When: April 16 through August 20, 2012

Daily Affirmation:
My Love For Myself Drives My Desire to Be Healthier.

Daily Goals:
1. at least 15 10 cups of water each day
2. take my Vitamin each day
3. at least 15 Minutes Prayer/Meditation Each Day
4. at least 30 minutes of cardio each day
5. No fast food

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Leslie discovered the power of the pen in the third grade after her family moved to a new school district. Writing became a way to sort out her new surroundings and escape to fantasy landscapes. That child, and voice, has matured into a poet, writer, blogger, journalist, online content creator and editor. Leslie is a social entrepreneur with a demonstrated commitment to community. She is an active community member in Washtenaw County (Michigan) with expertise in social media marketing and content management systems, volunteer coordination and writing and 19 years of experience in the areas of online community management, training, leadership development, and social networking. She is interested in facilitating connection with both community residents and businesses. Through this work, the economy of the community is improved and the organizations are financially successful. Her main mode of advocacy and online community, however, is through writing.

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