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I Feel Good

One of my generation’s most widely used clichés is “how are you?” I have noticed a lot of people use this as a greeting instead of hello. Consequently, if you are naïve enough to answer with something other than “fine” or “okay” then people may look at you like you are from Mars. That is, of course, if the person who asked “how are you” even sticks around to get a reply! Another acceptable response is “good”. In fact, that has been the one I have settled on recently. Here’s why: 


Feeling Good is susceptible to emotions. I am a “touchy-feely”, introspective, Carebear-bred, people-person who feeds off of the energy of others. I can’t rely on those emotions to be true indicators of how I am doing.Yesterday I felt horrible; my emotions got the best of me and I felt unworthy and undesirable. This morning I got on the scale and I have lost 24 pounds. It doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot more to lose – but it means I am steadily making progress. For that, I feel good. 

Also, feeling good has a connotation related to being in the moment’s circumstances. What I want in life won’t be realized with instant gratification. I am working hard at my goals and the road is winding and long. Some days I will not be feeling good and that’s okay. I recently joined a spinning class. Between the seat, the heat, and the “hills”, I come and leave with a scowl on my face. However, in general, I love the class and I am excited each time I realize that I made it all the way through a class I used to be intimidated by.


Good in the dictionary means (amongst other things):

  • Being positive or desirable in nature
  • Having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing
  • Beneficial to health

Basically, good is positive and that’s the way I want to live my life – positively.

Featured Image:
My cousin, Robin (L), and I at a family birthday party last week.
 A Healthy Les 
When: April 16 through August 20, 2012

Daily Affirmation:
My Love For Myself Drives My Desire to Be Healthier.
Daily Goals:
1. at least 15 10 cups of water each day
2. take my Vitamin each day
3. at least 15 Minutes Prayer/Meditation Each Day
4. at least 30 minutes of cardio each day
5. No fast food

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Poet, Writer, Digital Strategist, and Founder of the Elbert Williams Voting Corner


  • Anonymous

    Good to know you have enjoyed being you! And being the whole person regardless of singlar life or Married life! We have to enjoy being who we were created to be! In fact no one else can be you better than you! Lester W. McGraw
    Love you Dad

  • Thanks Dad. I love you, too!

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