CommunityIn Celebration of International Women’s Day

In Celebration of International Women’s Day

Happy International’s Women’s Day!!

Yesterday I attended the Women of Color Taskforce Career Conference at the University of Michigan. The keynote presenter, Mae Jemison, said leaders must have two qualities: confidence and compassion. In celebration of International Women’s Day, I wanted to highlight some of the “everyday leaders” I come in contact with every day in very social or informal ways.
a little collage celebrating some of the women in my life…
top row, from l to r:
i. upon waking up,
ii. on Valentine’s Day with the owner, Jeanine, and the pink-heart-pin-donning head barista, Kaeli, at Biggby coffee shop, one of my favorite writing spots.
iii. Shataura Clayborne, President of the Ypsilanti Kiwanis, friend, and super community leader at Bowling for Charity event.
iv. my aunt upon completing 5K and 5 years cancer free at the Annual Breast Cancer walk.
row 2, from l to r:
i. at poetry night with Zilka Joseph at her featured reading at the monthly Bookbound Open Mic and Share.
ii. throwback pick of me in costume when I used to coordinate the Harvest Festival at my church.
iii. at Google+ bootcamp
iv. barista/graphic designer hanging her own original artwork at Zingerman’s Roadhouse
row 3, from l to r:
i. my grandma (r) on her birthday with her good friend and neighbor, Hattie.
ii. throwback photo of my grandma (seated) and my late cousin Annie
iii. NYE with client, friend, and entrepreneur Tasneen Bowe
iv. getting ready for overnight sleep study to deal with my mounting sleep issues, taken care of by two awesome techs.
row 4, from l to r:
i. gazing at remaining rose from the bouquet I unexpectedly received on Valentine’s Day.
ii. celebrating my birthday with my friend, Carmen
iii. birthday dinner and drinks
iv. selfie
Peace and Happies,
Tru Story Success


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Leslie discovered the power of the pen in the third grade after her family moved to a new school district. Writing became a way to sort out her new surroundings and escape to fantasy landscapes. That child, and voice, has matured into a poet, writer, blogger, journalist, online content creator and editor. Leslie is a social entrepreneur with a demonstrated commitment to community. She is an active community member in Washtenaw County (Michigan) with expertise in social media marketing and content management systems, volunteer coordination and writing and 19 years of experience in the areas of online community management, training, leadership development, and social networking. She is interested in facilitating connection with both community residents and businesses. Through this work, the economy of the community is improved and the organizations are financially successful. Her main mode of advocacy and online community, however, is through writing.

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