SuccessWho Do You Say No To the Most?

Who Do You Say No To the Most?

Quit Telling Yourself No

How many times do you tell people no in the course of a day? Once? Dozens? Or..never. Recently, I was speaking with a friend about my current projects. Specifically, about how I need to back pedal on some of the volunteer and non-profit projects I have going on. She said something that has resonated with me over the past week: “every time you tell someone ‘yes’ you are saying no to yourself.”

So, before you make tough decisions about how and who you should tell no, think about yourself, your business, your family, and your goals being on the receiving end of that no. (yikes!).

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Leslie discovered the power of the pen in the third grade after her family moved to a new school district. Writing became a way to sort out her new surroundings and escape to fantasy landscapes. That child, and voice, has matured into a poet, writer, blogger, journalist, online content creator and editor. Leslie is a social entrepreneur with a demonstrated commitment to community. She is an active community member in Washtenaw County (Michigan) with expertise in social media marketing and content management systems, volunteer coordination and writing and 19 years of experience in the areas of online community management, training, leadership development, and social networking. She is interested in facilitating connection with both community residents and businesses. Through this work, the economy of the community is improved and the organizations are financially successful. Her main mode of advocacy and online community, however, is through writing.

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