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Thank You Veterans

Veterans’ Day, unlike Memorial Day, is for all (this world and the next) those who sacrificed their freedom at any point to secure ours.

My Promise to myself, my country, and those that I love is to not forget. Ever. I want to give pause to expose my heart and shower attention towards my veteran loves along with a poem I wrote a few years ago in dedication. Feel free to post names and service, stories, or poems about your loved ones in the comments!

Leslie’s Veteran Roll Call:

Lester McGraw
Veteran,  U.S. Air Force

Walter Brown
Veteran,  U.S. Army

Ralph Hargrave
Veteran, Korean P.O.W.

?Paul Don McGraw a.k.a. Chili Red
Vietnam, R.I.P. 1983

?Donnie Taylor
Great Uncle
Veteran, Vietnam, R.I.P. 2005

?Leonard Taylor
Great, Great Uncle
Veteran, WWII, R.I.P. 2006

? = Soldier is no longer alive.

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Poet, Writer, Digital Strategist, and Founder of the Elbert Williams Voting Corner

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