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Still in Love

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I would share the poem that started the Tru Story blog. When I first showed this site to my supervisor at the time, she said, “It’s nice. But, is the entire site about you?” I didn’t know how to respond at the time, but now I see it is about me. At least partially it is. However, I would like to think that this blog, and accompanying actions, are bigger than myself. Bigger than my individual self, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. It is about how someone without many resources or power can find peace, purpose, and success. I think that makes this more than about me…it becomes universal.
Still in Love: A Peace To Be Spoken

by Leslie McGraw, ©2011

My heart ain’t broken

No more

But my feelings are still hurt

Open, Sore

Waking up in the night

Thinking I might have a heart


Huh, huh… (marching)

I can’t breath

But when I try to gather myself

I can’t leave

Not without you

But I can’t stay without Me

A shell

A piece

A hull

A leaf waiting for you to cleave

To want, to need


For life

Not out of convenience

Or in need

I am

Still in Love with ME

I am

tired of being alone without you

or lonely with you

I am

Still in love with me

I am..

My heart

My heart ain’t broken

But it’s really sore

So I wear protection

But then it’s neglected

Limp and unfulfilled –

A suicide of a member

Still working each day

Escaped from the circle

Vicious and tangled

Old and unforgiving
Taking, taking, You Rise, YOU RISE

Losing, I’m losing

I die

I die

I die…

Still in love

With Me

I am…

I get…

Tired – but my heart don’t

I feel heartbroken, but it ain’t broke

A flesh wound

A bruised dream

My heart ain’t broken,

Brotha, I’m a weed

Disappointment and stress

Is what I feed

On and on

It’s what I needed

To get to this place where you left me

Still in love with me

I am

alone, turned wild

Illegitimate once again

A mistake that was conceived

Yet conditioned to Succeed
Don’t be mad cuz I ain’t


You left me

behind to wait

In the wilderness

wit a fence around it

But I survived

when the other flowers choked

Now I am

Somebody’s flower

An equal yoke

A Newfound Love

Through it all

I’m still in love

With Me!


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