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Related By Love

My son made me a mom twenty years ago, but my heart did not begin to reach its full potential until I became a stepmom. My one-year old daughter (Z) is the youngest of seven between her Dad and I –that includes biological as well as two stepchildren from previous relationships that we continue to love into our lives. That means our hearts are split into different homes which can be difficult. Everything doesn’t blend and spread perfectly all the time but we try to support them as we can in their various stages of childhood and adulthood. We pray every day over each of these households and when tragedy, like the house fire that stole the home and belongs of two of those siblings, strikes it is devastating for us as well. I appreciate all the love that has been shown thus far and ask that all of you pray, support, and donate if you can to the mother who is trying to start over from scratch with three young boys–for whom my Z cares for deeply. ?

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